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              An Introduction to Zhongfa Holdings Group Co., Ltd.
              Zhongfa Holdings Group Co., Ltd. formerly Zhongfa Antennas Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 1993 is a small enterprise which only produces telescopic antenna. After 10 years of accumulation, in order to conform to the needs of the market economy and to take the multi-path harmonious development road, Zhejiang Zhongfa Investment Co., Ltd. was registered in 2003 and it was renamed as Zhongfa Holdings Group Co., Ltd. in 2010.
                 The Group Company’s main businesses are industrial investment and asset management. It consists of antennas, bags, pharmaceuticals, import and export, metal surface treatment, agricultural technology and other 15 subsidiaries with more than 3,500 employees.
                 Under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, the group company is uniting with all forces and working hard, which takes innovation as eternity, competition as ability, value as liability, rejuvenation as mission. And now it has entered into the ranks of “Top Ten Enterprises”, which take a new industrialization road both in Nanhu District and Jiaxing city. It is honored as “Zhejiang Leading Agricultural Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Credible Private Enterprise” and “Zhejiang Civilization Unit”.
              It was awarded as “Zhejiang Province ‘May Day’ Labor Certificate” in 2011 and “the National ‘May Day’ labor Certificate” in 2013.


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